Interview: Talking adventurous hiking on Table Mountain

Justin Hawthorne


Justin Hawthorne

Devil's Peak Hike

The discussion I had with Pippa Hudson, of CapeTalk radio, focused on the more adventurous hikes on the Table Mountain Chain for those individuals who were looking for something ‘more’.

Very quickly it became obvious that a 20-minute interview wouldn’t be near enough time to get through all that I’d hoped, but if you missed it please hit play!

Cape Talk interview

We’ll look at two good examples of ‘spicing up’ a hike, one with a short variation, the other is a whole different ascent path.


Jubilee Traverse

You’ve hiked up Porcupine Ravine on the Twelve Apostles range of Table Mountain…the long, relentless ascent can lose its sparkle after numerous visits so adding in the traverse on Jubilee Buttress changes the dynamics of the hike.


Jubilee Buttress, one of the buttresses forming the Twelve Apostles range, acts as the southern wall of Porcupine Ravine. A nifty traverse line…

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