Book Review: Miniature Moss Gardens

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

I got a book in the mail.Sweet.

I love doing book reviews!

Especially well put together ones. That means I get to share it with y’all (even though I’ve been in the “South” longer than I was in the “North” I still find it hard to say y’all….).

Let’s talk about the book.

First, the photos are amazing. This is from a dude that takes photos (very badly and unprofessionally I must add) to tell stories. But the photos, and not the “arty” ones like these………really do the job they’re supposed to: show you what the words are telling.

And, not surprisingly for a Tuttle imprint, it is informative.

The book highlights moss; the different kinds, the growing conditions and culture, the where/how/ethics of moss collection from the wild, and, importantly, growing it yourself.

It covers using moss on bonsai, or by itself.

It tells a story of…

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