Pruning a Beech to Shape

Scratch Bonsai

About six weeks ago I performed some drastic pruning of this European Beech material that I’ve been growing over the last six years.  Since ground layering a new root system three years ago, it’s been slow to recover.  Finally off to a vigorous start this year so I knew it was ready for shaping by pruning.

DSC_0575 Before work: May 

DSC_0577 Spreading newly established nebari

DSC_0576 Before: leggy growth and few primary branches

DSC_0578 Step 1: Establish a final height of the tree and future apex.

DSC_0579 Step 2: Prune back leggy primary branches.

DSC_0580 Step 3: Go one further and eliminate undesirable primary branches.

DSC_0581 Step 4: Feed heavily and wait for possible backbudding along the trunk.

DSC_0626 After: Late June.  New growth on branch tips.

DSC_0627 New buds from above

DSC_0628 An abundance of adventitious budding.  Happy days!

All being well, I’ll wire growth in the autumn and then put it into a bonsai training pot next year.

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