It’s almost December 31st, seems like a good time to defoliate a Brazilian Raintree, right?

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

What special type of idiot could I possibly be?
I know I’m in Florida and all, but who, in their right mind, would even think of defoliating a Brazilian Raintree in the middle of winter?
I mean, even though we aren’t freezing, it’s not exactly a balmy time of the year, especially when the end of January comes around.
And don’t forget February.
Maybe it was that one day when it was 85 and then just a few days later it was 90 (when the rest of the country was in a deep freeze) and the heat must have addled my brain…..IDK, but it just seems to be the right thing to do.
One of the themes in my blog is the seasonal performance of bonsai techniques; doing things at the correct time of the year.
A tangential sub-theme though, is practicing our “tree whispering” skills and learning when it’s…

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