Corkbark Black Pine meanderings…

Nebari Bonsai

Having studied black pine growth and care fairly intensely for the last 7 years, I couldn’t help but to throw a few corkbark black pines in the mix as well. Presently, 5 corkers are on my benches, and their response rate is truly different from one to another, and definitely different than their standard-barked counterparts just a couple feet away. It is true, in my experience, that they can still be vigorous, but each are slower-growing than standard. They are longer-needled, more brittle, and more susceptible to pests/diseases. The more I work with corkbark black pines, the more I appreciate standard black pines, and well-developed corkers!

Over the last few years, I have been studying the effects of candle-cutting, timing, and methods for pushing growth back toward the trunk. This is very much a work-in-progress. Even with 3 years of photographic results on several cultivars, it’s going to take 5…

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