Banzai Bonsai

Leading A Horticulture

First I bought one of those books, you know, where an expert tells you how to do it. I purchased all of the kit; the hideously costly china trays and the expensive soft wire for shaping branches. I tried his every suggestion. I sowed seeds in an empty half an orange, as he advised; the fruit skin rotted, taking everything else with it. I got my nascent bonsai going in a pot. I took them out and root pruned, shaped as if they were growing out of a hemispherical citrus. I removed a few leaves, to reduce the strain on the plant. They pegged it immediately, fell off the twig, so to speak.
Small scale forest
Small scale forest

I decided to come at the problem from the other end. I started cultivating Acers (maple) in large containers. This was the only way that I could give them the moisture that they required…

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