A few Brazilian Raintree bonsai

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Previously known as pithecellobium tortum, chloroluceun tortum, the Brazilian Raintree, was once called (by Ben Oki) “no good for bonsai”.
I am quite sure that there are some out there who say this today.
Erik Wigert, Nacho Marin, Allen Carver and many others have proven them wrong.
I have some humble ones to work on today and to share.
This is my oldest one (when I refer to age I am always referring to how long I’ve had it and how long I’ve worked on it)
It was a branch cutting that I bought from Mike Cartrett. (I blogged about it here)
As well as this one:
It’s story has been well chronicled on my blog (I won’t link to them all but this was the last one here)
This little one was from Allen Carver at Jupiter Bonsai
And the last was from Erik Wigert
As I’ll…

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