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The back story……

Early February, 2017. Gulfport Mississippi, on a tour. I’m at Buck’s house, working on trees. A lot of trees. I did some carving on a podocarpus.

Wired it up too.That was fun.

Did some touch up carving and styling on a Campeche

Flat top style.

We drank a lot of beer.

A ficus buxifolia or ficus lingua.

In the evening I did a demo for the Gulfport Mississippi club. This is Adam.The cheesyness factor must come with the name. That’s my demo tree, a bougie, he won it in the raffleI think it survived my ministrations.

Buck has been growing this big ficus microcarpa for a long time. We wired it and did some grafting.Zipties work well.

Here’s a Texas ebony that beat me up.But I won in the end, though I had thorns in my fingers for a month.

But the…

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