In Chicago! Bontsai in the Midwest

From the Southern California suburbs I found myself in the Midwest. Farms and all, but still within close proximity to the city and the outdoors. I’ve began an internship at Argonne National Lab, a great opportunity not only for my professional career but for me to network and meet new people. I aspire to pursue bonsai professionally and I think a big component of that… Continue reading In Chicago! Bontsai in the Midwest

Cotoneaster Landscape Summer Maintenance

Originally posted on Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai:
I did a little seasonal pruning and weeding on my homemade cotoneaster landscape yesterday. Its  been a year since I completed the planting and Its beginning to fill out nicely. It will probably take another 2 seasons growth to get the ramification where I would like it to be. This is how it looked before todays work And  this is… Continue reading Cotoneaster Landscape Summer Maintenance