Boon’s Bonsai

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After a busy few days of bonsai home and away, I’m only now getting back to the USA trip photos. Here’s the next chronological instalment….. Next up after Yosemite was a drive back across California to the Bay area and San Francisco. On route one of our stops was in Hayward to see Boon and his amazing Nursery. As with… Continue reading Boon’s Bonsai

In Chicago! Bontsai in the Midwest

From the Southern California suburbs I found myself in the Midwest. Farms and all, but still within close proximity to the city and the outdoors. I’ve began an internship at Argonne National Lab, a great opportunity not only for my professional career but for me to network and meet new people. I aspire to pursue bonsai professionally and I think a big component of that… Continue reading In Chicago! Bontsai in the Midwest

Cotoneaster Landscape Summer Maintenance

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I did a little seasonal pruning and weeding on my homemade cotoneaster landscape yesterday. Its  been a year since I completed the planting and Its beginning to fill out nicely. It will probably take another 2 seasons growth to get the ramification where I would like it to be. This is how it looked before todays work And  this is… Continue reading Cotoneaster Landscape Summer Maintenance