Preparing a pot

Nebari Bonsai

Preparing a pot to plant a bonsai requires a few steps.
1. Plastic canvas is cut, large enough to overlap each drainage hole.
2. Using a piece of wire (2-2.5 mm aluminum is good), make a “staple” that will secure the plastic canvas over the drain hole, punching the open ends through the plastic far-enough apart so they touch each side of the drain hole. This keeps them from sliding around:




Place the screen in the bottom of the pot, and press the ends through the bottom of the pot:

Flip the pot over, and spread the ends of the wire, so the wire has no slack, and the screen is immobilized:


Add tie-in wires. All bonsai should be tied in to the pot:


A pigtail adds the 5th tie-in:


I start with the back left wire (1), and pull it forward to the front left wire (2), and twist…

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