Guy Wire Primer

Nebari Bonsai

Guy wires

Using guy wires added a new dimension to styling trees.  It’s one thing to read about it, but give it a try if the design calls for it.  When?  Why?

  1. Bend larger branches that would require wire larger than practical to use
  2. Move short, stocky branches
  3. Hold a broken (intentional or unintentional) branch in position
  4. Inconspicuously move a branch when preparing a tree for show
  5. Reposition a portion of the tree that won’t set before the wire becomes embedded
  6. Gradual bending over a course of weeks is a safer course of action

This Japanese Black Pine has been in training for the last 5 years.  The article chronicling it’s development is HERE.  These photos are from Fall ’09, Fall ’10, and Last winter, after wiring, a new front was chosen to address some of the problems that aren’t really visible from front-on shots, and to make use…

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