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Some notes on wiring I prepared for a recent presentation. Left to right: too small, too heavy, just right: With aluminum wire (use on deciduous trees and azaleas), use a wire that is 1/3-1/2 the diameter of the target branch. Left to right: too tightly-coiled, too-loosely coiled, just right: When wiring a branch, 60-degree angle is the generally accepted, correct… Continue reading Wiring

What not to do

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Usually, we get to see and read about properly applied techniques. Recently I had an opportunity to work on a tree that exhibited some mistakes that can be made when employing commonly-used techniques. More importantly, here is the result after a few years to see why it’s important to avoid these mistakes. 1. Too-tightly wired. Wire should be applied in… Continue reading What not to do


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Spring is knocking on the door here in the Rockies, and we’re pumped to be back in the mountains! With the occasional cold spell and several wet snows, winter isn’t quite over yet. Nonetheless, with a few nice breaks in the weather, roots are thawed, and we’re back in action. To celebrate Backcountry’s kick-off to spring 2017 we’re sharing a collection of photo’s from the past several years… Continue reading Packin’