Malibu Morning with Plovers and Terns


Snowy Plover still on three unhatched eggs, Malibu (Sarah Ngo 6-3-17)

Stacey Vigallon, the tern and plover maven,put out a request for Snowy Plover monitors for Malibu Lagoon for the weekend. I was otherwise unscheduled for Saturday morning, June 17, and signed up. If you’ve never spent a couple of hours watching a particular bird, or group of birds, this will give you a sense of how it goes. It’s similar to a breeding bird atlas project; you watch the birds and occasionally something noteworthy happens. All times below are rounded to the nearest quarter-hour.

Adult Snowy Plover has found a tiny sand crab, Malibu
(Grace Murayama 6-9-17)

0840: I arrive at the breeding area. Least Terns (LETE) are constantly squawking, flying out to sea, returning with small fish, sitting on the ground, or standing – fish in bill – near a sitting bird. No Snowy Plovers (SNPL) are…

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