Last Stop Of The Day

Bonsai Eejit

Hard to believe I managed three stops in one day! Huntington Gardens, Fuji Bonsai and finally Kimura Bonsai. I have 3 weeks worth of photos to get through here!

Robert Pressler at Kimura Bonsai is one of the guys I chat to on Facebook over the last few years and you wonder if you’ll ever get to meet. When he heard I was in his general area he was quick to offer up the opportunity to visit his place. I knew I would be pushed for time on the day but I managed to make it. He’d just adopted a new dog, Riley, who I was keen to meet also 🙂

Unlike the first two stops of the day, my time with Robert was mostly spent in his company chatting about all things bonsai. I did get a guided tour of his nursery and a talk through of many of…

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Fuji Bonsai

Bonsai Eejit

After visiting Huntington Gardens I made the short trip over to Fuji Bonsai, Roy Nagatoshi’s place. There was a Saturday morning workshop in full flow but I was still made very welcome by Roy and the folk taking part. Below is my usual gallery. Hard to make out individual trees in most of them. The sun was shining strongly and the trees were really packed in there. An abundance of California Junipers many of which had been grafted. A stand out Pomegranate with a hollow trunk too.

How anyone grows trees in this heat and amount of UV light is beyond me. You’ll see many trees with the soil covered to help keep the heat off the roots. Species variety is limited here to what can stick the conditions. The guys were great, chatting away to me about conditions in this area, pretty much the opposite of what I have…

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Satsuki Azalea in Flower

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

My satsuki azalea, which I plan to train in the exposed root style has come into flower and is looking great at the moment. I put it into this deep blue pot just over a year ago to allow the roots to develop downward. When the pot has filled with roots (hopefully next year) I will take it out of the pot and begin the process of exposing the roots.


This is how it looked in 2015


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Black Skimmer: Malibu Lagoon, 26 March, 2017


Male Allen’s Hummingbird (Grace Murayama 3-26-17)

As seems usual this year, the weather turned out to be surprisingly unpredictable, or is that unpredictably surprising? We were told to expect rain. No rain. We were told to expect cool temperatures in the 45-60° range. I birded in my T-shirt. Both San Fernando Valley and the Santa Monica Mountains were fog-filled and gray with clouds. The beach was sunny and windless. So it goes.

Killdeer foursome making a heckova racket (Grace Murayama 3-26-17)

Despite the fine weather, or perhaps because of it, we had few birds and a low species count. Fifty-eight total count for gulls and terns seemed extraordinarily low, so I checked when I got home, and found: 2012 – 53 birds, 2013 – 94, 2014 – 643, 2015 – 107, 2016 – 219. So…OK, low, but not supernaturally low. So much for the accuracy of one’s unsubstantiated impressions of…

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