Huntington Gardens – The Bonsai Exhibit

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I felt some excitement as I approached the exhibit. The set up was excellent and showed the trees well. I took in the first area thinking that was it only to find another courtyard full of trees. Quality was varied as you’d expect when trees are donated but I was thrilled to see my first California Junipers and a few… Continue reading Huntington Gardens – The Bonsai Exhibit

Cleaning up a mossy situation 

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This YouTube video is the critique Kathy Shaner offered on my Japanese Black Pine. ?Interesting pearls of wisdom. In my defense, I had no intention of showing this tree this year, until about 14 hours before I had to bring it in…and I was out of moss, out of stands, out of time, and out of season to candle-cut…but… Continue reading Cleaning up a mossy situation