Mt. Piños with Lawrence’s Goldfinches: 10-11 June 2017


Northeastern view of Mt. Piños; 109 miles to horizon
(Shuttle Radar Topography Mission 2-16-00)

8843 feet high, Mt. Piños lies just across the Kern County line. Decades ago it was the best spot to sit and scan the skies for free-flying California Condors. The birds would soar by to the west and north, gliding at up to 60 MPH on rising thermals, rarely flapping except to flex their flight muscles.

Western Bluebird male watching for flies (D. Waterman 6-10-17)

Condors are again nesting (Devil’s Gate Condor Cam) in the Sespe wilderness about twenty miles to the south, but you might wait a very long time for one to fly by. Thirty-five years ago, I saw five condors in one day, driving along Mil Potrero Rd. west of Mt. Abel. Those days are gone.

California Quail, sentry for the flock below (J. Waterman 6-10-17)

Our birding group met at…

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