Where did the Thyme Go?


Today is Sunday and it’s usually a good day for me to do something creative or just take a break from work.   Work have been very busy and despite of being a Sunday, there’s always work for me to do and should be doing  but decided I want to take some quick photos of my trees and share some of the trees that are being developed as bonsai (but have little work done to them yet).   It will only take me less than half hour to photograph and post….until my attention focused on my thyme bonsai.   Yes, it’s the herb thyme.   I collected this plant from a project where this thyme was going to be demolished and thrown away.    That was probably 5 years ago.  I took a chance a it and now it’s still doing well on a bonsai pot but really have not done much styling.  Partly because I didn’t…

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