Not your dad’s bonsai anymore

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I wasn’t going to write a blogpost on this tree but, interestingly, when I posted it on the Socialmediaverse, I got a bunch of people asking me to do a write up.A ficus Benjamina.Theweeping fig.It belongs to Cosette, who got it from her dad.My job is to style it so that Cosette likes it. At the moment she doesn’t. As some of you may know, the ficus Benjamina is not a well liked tree in the bonsai scene in the West. Not talking about Japan, because there aren’t many Japanese nurseries that use anyficus (though Kimura has one) but in the East, it’s used extensively, especially the southeast Asian countries.

In the West, I believe the contempt is two fold. Firstly, many people consider it an indoor houseplant. And once you describe a tree that can withstand being indoors, there’s a knee jerk reaction against…

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Shohin Critique by Kathy Shaner

Nebari Bonsai

Kathy judged the ABS, and my friend and ABS member Jim Cook was kind enough to video the critique of this 5-point shohin display. Moral of the story..need a bigger box stand!

Here are close-ups of the trees.

Corkbark JBP, ‘Hachi-Gen’ in a Shibakatsu pot:

6-tree Japanese Maple clump in an Ikkou pot:

Corkbark Elm in a Koyo pot:

Triple-trunk shimpaku juniper in a Shinobu pot:

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