Tall Scots Pine Update


This tree has had a good growing season so far. The candles have extended well and are now ready for pinching. I intend to pinch most over the next few days but will leave those that are just above the widest part on the left hand side. These will then be wired down and allowed to fill out in due course to give the tree a more even rounded conical look.

Full Tree

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Snowy Plovers & Least Terns on the Beach: Malibu Lagoon, 28 May, 2017


Female Mallard on the Surfrider Beach seashore, muckin’ about.
(L. Loeler 5-22-17)

First I’d like to give a shout out to Jim Kenney, whom many of you know and who has made many contributions over the years to Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society. This includes hundreds of excellent photographs both on this blog and on our FaceBook page (our Passerines album, for example). Many of you may not know that he is also a local wildflower expert, and the authoritative book Wildflowers of the Santa Monica Mountains – profusely illustrated with Jim’s photos – is still available on the internet.

Elegant Terns and one adult non-breeding Caspian Tern (L. Loeler 5-22-17)

The birds at the lagoon continue to dwindle in numbers and diversity as we move on towards summer, As with last month, they seemed fewer than usual, so I checked my records.


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AABC – Australia’s best Bonsai Convention 


Bonsai, is an ancient art of training and shaping trees to look like they’ve just come out of a rock face in some distant fairy-like landscape into a miniature format. It came from China and Japan and it demands time, patience, dedication, and a keen eye for natural landscapes.

Bonsai Convention DSC_8759.jpg Swamp Cypress

Bringing people from all over Australia and the world, the Australian Association of Bonsai Clubs (AABC) yearly convention is not to be missed by Bonsai enthusiasts.

The AABC convention happens every year in a selected in Australian city, this year’s convention was in sunny Brisbane, which I had the pleasure to attend. The convention runs over a weekend, with a Bonsai showroom open both Saturday and Sunday. While the showroom is open to the public, there are also demonstrations by Bonsai masters that are invited from Friday to Monday; the demonstrations are available for those who purchased the full…

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