Bonsai and direct sunlight don’t go together in the high desert.

Bonsai & Teacups

Good morning guys,

With all success and we love to talk about those and we also have failures and we don’t like to talk about those much, but here I go; today the root system on one of our coveted young Cape Honeysuckle possibly overheated, killing the root system, had nothing to do with moisture in the soil, wait had all to do with moisture in the root system. Let me explain: so the purpose of having a special bonsai soil is to retain some moisture yet also oxygen, keeping a balance for the root system to breath and drink, helping keep healthy specimen. But when your outdoor temp hits the hundreds the sun can turn your bonsai pot, specially the smaller pot into an instant oven. So how do we keep sun balance you ask?. Some people build expensive and elaborate 50% shade canopy cover systems to protect the…

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