A Young Redbud 

Bonsai Iterate

I was struck when I took an initial look at this redbud today. As it is shown below, there is a tip toward the front at the apex and there are branches at textbook locations on the larger trunk: left, back, right, left, back, right. It was almost too good to be true, so I moved it to the bench and grabbed some wire to start this young tree on the path.

Closer examination told a different story. This next picture shows the base (with some poorly applied wire) from the same front as above. Can you see how it curves under and back as it meets the soil?

On the other side, the base flares out toward the viewer giving a greater sense of age. For now, this will be my front.

Branches were wired down and new growth pruned a bit to encourage some branching. Unfortunately, the tip…

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