Why even airlayer? That’s not doing bonsai, is it? Or, Where does the story end? 

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Propagation. Taking cuttings, growing from seed, air layering. That’s not what bonsai is. Bonsai is taking trees that have been grown by farmers, or nurseries, with the first, second, back branches there already, and styling them so they are all purty and you can pose in front of them with a serious look on your face (almost that constipated look….really) and post it to Facebook (because Instagram is for losers you know). I mean….I mean….growing a tree isn’t bonsai, no siree. For the true bonsai artiste, the tree must be at a certain level of growth and refinement already, before those professionally trained hands can touch it. The tree must be, to use some cross industry jargon, fluffed.

Ah well, maybe I’m just an asshole but I disagree. If a bonsai personcan’t work on any tree at any level, like Suthin, or Guy Guidry, or…

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