Jonas’s 2016 Post about Decandling Black Pines-

Michael Hagedorn

Now and then words deserve to be repeated.

The Bonsai Tonight blog post by Jonas Dupuich about decandling Japanese Black Pine—of which this is the primary work season—is head and shoulders above nearly anything else you could read (or write) about the subject, in a concise, digestible form.

Even if you’ve already read this, try it again:

A few of my own observations:

  1. The vast majority of black pines on your benches are most easily managed with the ‘one day’ technique, the three step technique being mostly useful for very unbalanced trees.
  2. If you’ve very senile black pines that have been a bonsai a long time, you may notice that the lower branches develop many small buds along the branches, but the branches are weak, and continue to weaken. Removing a lot of those small buds will allow the branch to regain its vigor, and allow you to decandle…

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