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I was picking up some tools from American Bonsai Tools in their warehouse a month or so ago and I came across this cool…..thing.Cullen, the owner, likes antique things that are made well. Stools, lamps, metal shelves and such. I would guess my find is a sorting bin of some, ah…sort.It’s old and a little beat up. Like I am becoming.A little rusty. But still strong and useable. In today’s world, something like this would be replaced with plastic or even cardboard.I like it. He said I could have it. Now to figure out how to turn it into a bonsai display stand.

Ah. I know, I have some old wood in my shed. Old pine planks from broken down pallets I collected before it was cool to make things out of pallets. I was a hipster before it was hip. The ultimate hipster.Don’t judge…

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