Snowy Plovers of Malibu Lagoon – The End and towards the Future


Click HERE for a slideshow of banded Snowy Plovers, then scroll down
to the slideshow located below the photo of the banded chick.
It may take some time to load.
Use the arrows to advance and reverse.

We continue with our reprint of this August, 2012 series to reacquaint
our readers with the local history of these birds.
For the first time in over
seventy years,

Snowy Plovers have again nested on Los Angeles County beaches.

Part VI:  The Plover Watchers
Over the years, many people have labored to study and save Western Snowy Plovers (WSP). Nest sites have been protected for decades; winter roosts are now known and their protection grows.

RR:BB, Malibu; 1 of 2 chicks banded at Oceano Dunes Spring’16
(G. Murayama 2-26-17)

It began in the 1970’s when John and Ricky Warriner, long-term residents of Pajaro Dunes area in coastal Santa Cruz County, noticed “those…

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