Plovers Struggling


I’ll be short and not-so-sweet. We witnessed the first nesting of Western Snowy Plovers on Los Angeles County Beaches since 1948 in the past three weeks. The first nest was overcome by sand in a vicious three-day windstorm in late April. The eggs of another disappeared at Malibu Lagoon, even though a mini-exclosure had been placed around them. The first nest at Dockweiler State Beach resulted in three chicks–but they were eaten by a Ring-billed Gull when not quite four days old.

We may be able to affect this trend for the remaining nests and better prepare for next year’s possible nesting in L.A. County if we can contract for more qualified biologist time and availability. There are time and legal constraints as to what we volunteers can and are authorized to do. No guarantees, folks, but I feel we need to try. That means, we need you to use…

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