What is a “bonsai tree”?

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This article will be different than most “what is..” offerings about bonsai.
It is coming from me, so it’s a given that there will be idiom, slang, intentionally misspelled words etc, plus my odd humor thrown in.
It might even be construed as being an opinion piece.
In fact, to those who disagree, it definitely will be (There is a comment section should you wish to argue).
I, in fact, feel a rambling, disjointed polemic with mostly opinion and few facts a-brewing.
If I were you, I would just scroll down to the next story.
If I were you.
Enough warnings.
The question we have before us is: “What is a bonsai tree?”
Most people think that a bonsai tree is a specific kind of tree.
It’s not.
It is a process we apply to plants that make them (hopefully) look like trees.
In that, we can use any species.

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