The much anticipated, long promised, long winded, Ever Lovin’ Bonsai Soil Epic

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

This was a hard post to write and I don’t blame you if you skip over some parts. I seriously considered putting some naked pictures in here to spice things up. Of me.

Let me begin the post by first saying this:
“The best soil for your bonsai is that soil which works best for you”
It almost seems that, on the subject of soil composition, there is more bullying and intimidation than anywhere else in the world of bonsai.
But be steadfast: Don’t let anyone guilt you into changing your soil. If your trees are healthy, you may not need to change anything. It is watering habit more than soil composition that keeps your trees alive.
The purpose of this article is to present some facts and then tell you what I use myself. What I use works for me, here in Florida, outside, in the full sun. But…

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