How I make bonsai soil

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As a follow up to my post on soil ingredients (click here….now!) here are my soil composition percentages and sifting techniques.
Remember, though, that this soil is what works for me. It also works for many others out there but there are some so-called professionals out there that will poo-poo this mix.
Let ’em. Between you and I; I have soil for sale, but I don’t try to sell my soil. If you get my meaning?
And then there are those snobs who just must use what is traditional and correct or what all the Japanese Masters use…..phaugh!
If you read my last soil Epic you’ll remember that the particle is less important than the characteristics you need. So,if you’re using DE granules from NAPA auto parts and that works for you, then continue to do so.

To put it simply, I use what has become the standard…

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