Selecting the correct pot or container

Taiga Bonzai

Before we commence with the discussion on pots or containers, perhaps the following perspective might be of assistance in the interests of saving money.

Potential bonsai specimens purchased from a store, garden centre, nursery or indeed other sources will need training to suit a particular design. Sometimes, they are accompanied by a mundane ceramic pot, which is mass produced. Buying a more expensive pot purely for cosmetic values is a needles expense, because the design of your tree may change over time and probably will not suit or fit into that particular pot. Therefore, one buys another pot Ad infinitum resulting in a stack of pots that are redundant.

A potential bonsai regardless of its origin needs space to grow, to develop its root system, trunk girth, branches and ramification and it cannot do this if restricted in a pot. The solution is to make boxes out of chemically free…

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