Selecting material for bonsai part II

Taiga Bonzai

Selecting material for bonsai part II

Air layering – although not really a grafting method is a common practice in obtaining potential bonsai material that has some substantial growth, but again much depends on the species. The illustration below shows an old deciduous shrub, which may look as potential bonsai material, but has problems for example. Poor branch displacement and reverse taper at the base of the trunk. Nonetheless, a possible candidate is the lower branch on the right. The following illustrations show the air-layering process.

Air layering 1

Air layering 2

Air layering 3

Air layering 4

Collecting from the Wild – causes arguments on both sides. Those in favour may argue that species they require can not be found at nurseries or bonsai outlets furthermore, seedlings and cuttings will take many years before reaching maturity.

Here are some thoughts on the issue. In some countries where timber harvesting is part of their economy, vast areas of trees are cut and…

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