Developing The Tree

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You might remember this tree, its was featured in the epic, groundbreaking and confirmationally biased blogpost, “I use some fancy words to justify my defoliation habit, go figure“.It’s a ficus microcarpa, sometimes described as a “ginseng”, as though it’s a separate variety. P’shaw! They’re really just ficus grown from seed, hence the bulbous caudiciformogical root bulge, and called “ginseng” for marketing purposes by marketing porpoises.

Now, I know what you’re saying, I’ve heard it before. You’re saying “You’ve gone and done it now Wonka!”“You’ve ruined your watershed!”…… I mean “You’ve let the wire dig into the branch, ruining it!”Nah! Think about this, that branch will be 2 to 3 times thicker than it is now in a few years. The wire marks will. E long gone before I show the tree in an exhibit. All I’ve done is caused some gnarliness. Rest easy, keep the…

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