A new bonsai…

Hello all,

I know it has been a while, since I have post anything about bonsai. Well after many months here is an update, and a very special one! 🙂

Behold my new bonsai: My Sequoia Sempervirens – made by forest style (in Japanese: yose-un)

So now comes the usual part where I talk a bit about the plant itself and caring. The reason why this plant is so close to my heart is, because it can not be found where I live. It is more common in the United States (Northern California and Southwestern Oregon States), but in Central Europe no. If sequoia is not familiar to you, maybe coast redwood sounds more familiar because that is how it is called in common language. Even if this is a “miniature tree”, it tries to show that these trees can be tall, very tall… in fact one of the tallest…

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