4 Practical Tips for Better Street Photography

jDevaun Photography. Now

Street photography is important. Such as brief assertion may ring hollow at first, but with a bit of careful consideration I think you will find that the brevity of the statement belies its true depth. Street photography is an exercise is patience and observation; while this characterization may suggest that a photographer is slow and deliberate in his or her technique, speed and precision are equally important because you need to be able to capture those fleeting, irretrievable moments you encounter. These moments, these spontaneous breakdowns of interpersonal barriers, lie at the heart of why any street photographer does what they do. And what each of these frozen moments reveal about the human condition — whether profound or whimsical — is, in my opinion, chief among the things that make street photography important.

Not everyone is cut out for street photography, but it is perhaps the most democratic of…

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