Styling, wiring and pruning

Taiga Bonzai

Styling a general perspective – wiring & pruning

Wiring Bonsai trees can be extremely difficult or relatively easy but much depends on the species of tree and what one is trying to achieve in the design. But it should be remembered that wiring a tree takes time to reach a particular style.

Conifers can be and often are difficult to wire because when wiring to the tip of the branch the wire has to be weaved between the needles to avoid damaged. For example, the Norwegian Spruce (Picea abies) has small needles quite close together. (2–12 mm depending on the age of the tree) Damaged needles are unable to photo synthesize properly restricting growth, which is crucial to the tree’s health. Branches devoid of needles are able to bend quite easily providing care is taken.

When wiring large branches a thicker gauge wire is required to hold the branch…

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