May 2017 Meeting


Getting ready for our annual show is again is the main purpose of our May meeting. An evening when members bring in a selection of trees for  the Club to chose a selection from and to clean and preen them for the display.Bonsai show poster.jpg2017

Adrian was quite precise over the things to look out for when preparing our exhibits and made it quite clear that it is not to be just a show of fine specimen trees the Club is looking for but an across the board selection. To include mature specimen trees right through to beginners first time exhibits in order to show the visitors that there is a place for every one within our group not just those with either many years of experience behindthem or a need for a  deep pockets to help  build a collection.

Jon as ever was on hand either giving a running commentary on what he was…

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The leftovers

Bonsai Eejit

Last week I did a bit of a tour of Ireland working with some of the chaps from the Munster Bonsai Club and even the odd Leinster man thrown in. I had a great week and was delighted to spend quality time with these guys. As I always say, Bonsai is as much about friendship to me as it is about the trees.

I did post each day last week but that was only a few quick snaps from my phone using the wordpress app. I’ve had time to wade through my camera and have added the leftover photos here for viewing. No order really, all a bit random, but I feel they capture the mood of the week. Thanks again folks for all your hospitality and for the kindness and understanding shown by your better halves. They all deserve a medal putting up with us lot for husbands 🙂


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