New material for bonsai part I

Taiga Bonzai

New material for bonsai part 1.

It can be said that many species of tree have interesting characteristics, be they coniferous or deciduous and their miniature counterparts (bonsai) can have awe-inspiring appearances given time, patience and care. Perhaps one species not as common in comparison with the most popular varieties found in the average bonsai collection is the Maple. But having said this, there are some bonsai enthusiasts who only collect maples and arguably what makes the Acer quite spectacular are the colours, which are displayed throughout the seasons as shown below.

3-maplesImages courtesy of(

The Maple a deciduous tree or shrub belongs to the genus Acer of which, there are approximately 128 species. Most are native to Asia, but some varieties are also appearing in Europe, North Africa, and North America. However, the Acer although not that difficult to cultivate are susceptible to leaf attack by

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