Chop chop chop, is it technique or butchery? 

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Uh oh! It doesn’t look good for this ficus.

Like they say, the first cut is the deepest. Snikt!!Don’tworry, I might know what I’m doing…..maybe.

Let’s continue with the insults, it gets worse. Poor tree. It gets worse. You see, I’m interested in these roots.They kinda go round and round like a bonsai Facebook page arguing about the best soil mix or whether or not it’s the correct technique to cut back hard to a node or develop a branch using wire.I like the second technique myself because I, after all, have to make pretty pics for my IG account. And stubs don’t get ❤️’s.Oh, look! Mycorrhizae!

Pine bark and mycorrhizae go together like peas and carrots.My aim today is to utilise this piece of stock ficus material to its fullest. I’ll be processing it for future bonsai development, of course (which many paid bonsai…

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