Bonsai soils

Taiga Bonzai

Bonsai soils
This article does not discuss every soil ingredient nor does claim which is best. This is a question that only the enthusiast can answer after experimenting over time with his/her own trees and care routine. However in general terms, the soil in which a tree was originally grown is probably the best providing it is growing well and healthy.

Soil contains a multitude of living organisms that consume, digest, and cycle nutrients. These living organisms include archaea, bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, algae, protozoa, and a wide range of insects for example. Mites, nematodes, earthworms and ants all of which are important to the vitality of a soil composition, which in turn is vitally important to any and all growing mediums.

Of course, different horticulturists make various soil combinations for their trees, although much depends on species and from where they originated for example. Conifers Pinus spp. and cedar Cedrus…

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