8th World Bonsai Convention in Saitama City, Japan– Part 4 Private Collection Displays

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Several bonsai collectors had their own individual displays at the World Bonsai Convention. These were not simply a few tables put together to feature their own personal collections of bonsai, suiseki and antique containers. But, rather full blown displays, which would make any bonsai club, show envious. Many of their bonsai are easily valued at more than an entire club show. One of the bonsai on display, I’m not saying which one, is valued at over US$450,000. Here are a few of the collections which I think you might enjoy which I was able to photograph. Some were so crowded it was impossible to photographed.


Bonsai Keiuman

This unusual display was rather modern compared to traditional Japanese presentations and was designed by Seiji Morimae, proprietor of S Cube. The display was “U” shaped with a collection of antique containers in the center on individual pedestals in glass cases so…

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