Crown Eagle and GP City Dwellers



Above: An adult female African Crowned Eagle. Below: The African Crowned Eagle being released and the massive claw of the eagle.


The African Crowned Eagle was knocked unconscious by a vehicle in pursuit of a Hadeda.  Local residents in Umtentweni came across the accident scene, where the bird was already picked up by some individuals who had supper in mind and managed to rescue the unconscious bird from them and then took it to their home.  The local Conservancy assisted them. I did the rehabilitation until the bird was fit enough to take to the sky again.  Bird ringer, Andre Pickles, first took some measurements and ringed the eagle before the release.  What a magnificent sight to see the bird flying off. This is one of those “highlights” when you love the feathered and furred.

It mainly eats mammals (especially hyraxes and antelope), doing most of its hunting from a…

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