Results Of pH Experiment After One Year

Michael Hagedorn

A friend of mine has kept a careful photographic record of one year since changing the pH of his water. It is such a dramatic example of changing one variable, to see that it really was the pH that was the problem for these weak trees. Weakness resulted in susceptibility to needle cast and yellowing.

There are two different trees here, a pine and a yew. The fronts are different in the photos but they are the same tree.

He writes: ‘The first pic is from 3/18/2015, the second is from 3/12/2017.  Our well runs a pH of 8.8 to 9.0, I try for a 6.4 on the treated water, using muriatic acid.  I batch treat with a 500 gallon tank.  I started treating the water in Jan. 2016.’

Pine, 3/18/2015. Well water pH was 8.8 to 9 at this time. This is highly alkaline, very few trees grow well…

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