Within The Heronry

GSC Trail Tails

Within the eastside trail system is an active heronry. This post shows a few of our Great Blue Herons up close.

At times the large birds appear rather regal in their springtime breeding plumage.

Great Blue Herons are monogomous during breeding season, but will choose a new partner the next year. 

Highly developed eyesight allows them to hunt for food (mainly fish) day or night. This activity occupies close to 90% of their time.

Nests are made of sticks and used year after year (though usually not by the same Herons). A typical nest is two feet across, although it can reach four feet across with nesting material added year after year.

Great blue Herons have an average lifespan of fifteen years. Walking the east side trail sytem one is able to share a small fraction of that time with them. North America’s largest Heron would surely be an enjoyable watch for a nature enthusiast…

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