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 The Bougainvillea Studies

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Pablo does not approve.He’s sittin’ over there passing judgement on my weeding skills. Like he can do better, he’s just a disembodied, floating wooden face with a disagreeable temperament.

I guess I need to do some weeding, forthwith.Or maybe he just doesn’t like the material I’m working on.

Half rotten….

The leaves worm eaten and thin…..What is it?

It’s a purple bougainvillea cutting I made maybe ten years ago.I’d better get to those weeds….I believe they are what’s called “Brazilian pusely”Or a whole bunch of common names like Mexican clover or Brazilian calla lily. There is a Florida pusley but there there are two differences, one, the fruit, and two, the roots. I don’t have a pic of the fruit at the moment but I can show you the roots.

They’re reason I can identify this as the Brazilian pusley (richardia brasiliensis) and not…

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