Mid America Bonsai Tour: Days Two and Four- Columbus and Ft. Wayne

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Day two found me in London and having some serious zone envy.
Sorry, London , Ohio.
One word: Larch.
My host Mike had these for sale (he’s having a big bonsai yard sale on Saturday June 21st) and I was drooling.
They weren’t lasciviously large larch but they were adequate.
I Can’t grow them in Orlando though.
I did get some trident maples.
I wish I could have brought this ponderosa pine home too.
Anyway, time to go to the Columbus club.
And, at the local fillin’ station, some sticker shock.
When I left Florida, gas was $3.35 a gallon.
No wonder I don’t see any Starbucks around. No one has any money left over from buying gas.
My schedule for today: a BYOT workshop in the morning and a ficus microcarpa workshop in the afternoon.
The Columbus group meets at the Franklin Park Conservatory, which has a bonsai…

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