Mid America Bonsai Club Tour: Day One-The Drive Up

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

The long drive-
Saturday morning 5 am, time to make the donuts….er, leave for Columbus Ohio.
This next week I’ve scheduled a whirlwind bonsai teaching tour of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.
They all wanted me to bring tree material so I figured, sure, why not, how hard could it be?
I can make the drive.
I didn’t bother to look up the mileage until a few weeks ago (I’ve had the tour set up for a half a year or more).
From my door to the first gentleman’s door (Thank you Mike!) is 1000 miles.
That’s right, 1000 miles one way.
Which means that after all this is said and done and the last tree is styled and the last beer is drunk, I have to drive 1000 miles home.
I am visiting the Columbus Bonsai Society on Sunday for two sessions, the Ft Wayne club for a…

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