A stout little ficus salicaria

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

I found a sweet, yet odd shaped, willow leafed ficus at my good friend Don’s house.

Who, I might add, is getting quite a large collection.

Short and stout. It looks to me that it was a root cutting that’s grown out.

Bag it and tag it!
He wouldn’t let me buy it but instead insisted on trading. I gave him a good podocarpus and promised to help him pot it up.

Nice trunk and a good leader. And whats important is that there are choices.

This is the back, probably.

Side view.

Side. You can see how flat it is. Not much for back branches. But, if I know anything, I know I will get beaucoup budding from this here ficus salicaria.

Good roots to work with. Let’s say we clean them up a bit.

Please attend whilst I pluck, like errant follicles, the weeds growing here.
Ya, right

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