A reader’s willow leaf ficus

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I get an email from a loyal reader, Matthew

I picked up a ficus nerifolia….. I thought the tree had potential when I first purchased it but now after staring at it for a while I’m pretty stumped. If I sent you a picture of it could you give me some guidance?

I said sure, I’m always up for a challenge.
He sends four pics (all the pictures are his except for the drawings)
Judging by the background I would say that the tree is in a eight or ten inch pot and that would make the base 3-4 inches wide.
It’s a good size willow leaf ficus ( I’ve been doing some research into the Latin name for this tree. It began as f. nerifolia; which was supposed to mean narrow leaf. But Latin for narrow is “angust”. Which should make this f. angustifolia. But there already is one…

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