Why am I keeping this bonsai so tall?

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

What do this tree-
and this tree-
have in common?
You’ll have to wait a little for that to be revealed.
The former tree (I love using this kind of wordage…but you have to read it with a British accent, “tha fourrmahr annd tha laattehr” ) is one I’ve been working on for about ten years. It was styled when I got it but I’ve let it grow for nine of those years and I’ve only had it styled now for less than a year. Two styling sessions in fact.
The latter (heehee) is our subject for today.
It is the ubiquitously tropical bonsai subject-Ficus salicaria (née nerifolia, salicifolia, exotica et al), the Nomine Vulgaris being “willow leaf ficus”.
It belonged to my friend Juan and I’ve been asked to take care of it.
Let’s take an assessment.
It is really an interesting subject. Very intriguing.
Challenging, even.

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