Two ficus, two treatments

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Two trees, one a ficus microcarpa “retusa”, one a ficus salicaria, are before us.
First, though, some diagnostics for your perusal.
This leaf damage
is caused by a bug called a thrip.
It can affect ficus benjamina, ficus microcarpa, and most broad leaf ficus.
When you peel the folded leaf apart, you’ll see several life cycles of the thrip.
The black ones are adults. The white ones are nymphs. Then there is a scale like phase and a cocoon like stage.
In the latter two stages its near impossible to kill the nasty bugs.
My go-to control is Merit granular systemic insecticide.
I will completely defoliate the tree, put those leaves into a plastic bag and throw them away in a trash can with a lid. Then treat with the granular.
There is a sprayed product by Bayer that uses the same active ingredient.
If you are diligent you can…

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